Will I know if I have dry socket?!

Question: Will I know if I have dry socket?
I had a bicuspid removed Wednesday at 11:30am, and it is now Sunday 2pm. This is my first tooth extraction, so I don't know much on the subject. Also, everything on the internet seems to be about wisdom teeth, which doesn't help either. I have been monitoring the area daily and have noticed changes, some I am sure are normal. There is some white-ish stuff surrounding the area (which I've been told is tissue growth) and a little bit of blood still. Is this normal, and will I know if I lose the clot? Also, how long do I have to wait to drink or smoke cannabis? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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im on day 3 now of my extraction and it was like yours, it wasn't a wisdom tooth ive got i had white stuff over the wound for a couple of days and now its turning brownish like a scab and as for smoking i was told not to smoke for 24 hours but about 4 hours after the extraction i had a smoke. The only reason they tell you not to smoke is because of the sucking whilst taking a drag can dislodge the blood clot so i took slow steady drags and im fine, although ill probably get thumbed down because smoking isnt good for the healing but f*** it im fine and you will be too.

You'll definately know if you lose the clot, because it will bleed like a stuck pig again. Also don't smoke cannabis or drink until you're completely healed, if you do you have a much greater risk of getting dry socket, which is a world of pain and hurt. Just wait a week and you should be good to go.

Yes yes yes you will know because you would be in so much pain you would know you have to go back and have them look at it.

Hi there a dry socket is a bone infection due to the blood clot not forming, this is most common in smokers, difficult extractions, females on the contraceptive pill and/or sometimes just luck. A dry socket appears around 3-4 days after the extraction when the pain has settled down and you are feeling a bit better, the pain comes back 10 times worse and nothing eases it, you get a bad taste in your mouth and possible swelling. You sound alright as you have not mentioned severe pain, the whiteness is just scar tissue/gum and this will repair itself in weeks to come when the socket closes over slowly. Oozing a little blood is ok. Drinking Alcohol and smoking should be avoided for as long as possible they recommend 48 hours so you have done really well. Keep rinsing your mouth with saltwater 3-4 times a day if you start smoking as this will keep your mouth clean. And yes most of the info on Dry Sockets is on Wisdom Teeth as these are most difficult to extract and most common to get infected.

I am a dental nurse in the UK.

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