How much will it cost to get my braces done?!

Question: How much will it cost to get my braces done?
I was wondering how much would I have to pay to get my braces done. I am under 18, however my dentist said my teeth does not qualify for free braces. He suggested to go and see the orthodontist, but I would have to pay for the braces. Does any one know how much they would cost me ? And would I get any discounts because I am under 18 and I am in school full time.


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It cost me £1500 but some orthodontists cost more (up to £2500 in some practices). I'm also under 18 but I was borderline, my teeth weren't quite bad enough to be covered by the NHS.
I also didn't get any discounts but the orthodontist I saw only charged for the braces, toothbrushes and aftercare costs without making a profit for himself. Unfortunately you can't really shop around for the best prices as there are usually only limited places that you can get the treatment done.

But in the end it is all worth it,
Emma x

The average starting price is in the region of 1500 but it is down to your need as an individual and the time and work involved. You will only know all the details if you make an appointment and pay for the consultation and discussion time.

If there is no genuine clinical need then there is no reduction of special terms for students and you have to pay for it.

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -

Well I lived in Spain when I had mine done and they cos me 160 to do all the x rays and stuff 500 to get them on and then 60 every month on my checkup

$5000 and I dont think u would get a discount

Mine were $5000

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