can i brush my teeth with baking soda if i have braces?!

Question: Can i brush my teeth with baking soda if i have braces?
i want to make my teeth whiter but im not sure if i can use baking soda to do it with braces.


you should never try to whiten your teeth when you have braces because when the brackets come off there will be darker spots so just wait until the braces come off then you can have straight white teeth:)

Thats the reason why i just asked my question because i have braces and i was wondering the same thing, I heard that baking soda is fine to brush with with braces.

the only thing id watch is i heard from my orthodontist to stay away from stuff that stains teeth and whitens because if your teeth get more whitened then what they used to be then your going to end up with those annoying squares on your teeth from the braces when they come off! but there are a few spots where its hard for me to always get the way they have my braces so i have been trying to find something to whiten up those spots.

good luck = ]

do you really brush your teeth for 2 minutes like dentists recommend? I didn't believe in flossing until I made it a habit and it start making a difference

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