wisdom teeth out tomorrow! :(?!

Question: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! :(?
i'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out via oral surgery tomorrow and i'm really nervous/scared!
it's mostly just because i've never had any type of surgery before. i've never had an i.v. or my blood drawn if that says anything. lol.
i know it's not that big of a deal, because millions of people have had theirs taken out. but just getting the i.v., and going to sleep, and waking up with stitches and an icky mouth freaks me out!
does anyone have any words of advice? anything major i should know? thank you, i'm just nervous!!!


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I was scared too when I was getting my wisdom teeth were being pulled out. Things you should know after your wisdom teeth are pulled

take your pain meds before the anesthesia wears off to lessen the pain.

ice your face 20 minutes on, then 20 minutes off for the first day after the extraction, but the following day use heat instead.

make sure you bite the gauze for at least 30 minutes after the extraction, you'll be bleeding for the rest of the day

don't brush for the 24 hours after the wisdom teeth, wait until the next day to brush your teeth, but take care not to brush at the extraction sight.

have a soft or liquid diet for a few days, you're not going to be able to eat much for a few days.don't
eat anything hot, you could dissolve the blood clots.

day after the extraction, make sure you do salt water rinses at least four times a day, it helps with the healing. use 1 teaspoon of salt to 8 oz of water.

don't use straws or smoke because it creates pressure in the mouth it could lead to dry sockets.

well during the procedure your drugged up soo you don't feel anything, but once it wares off it's really painful and your cheeks will be puffy for a few days

you'll be doing more drinking than eating especially the first 2 days.....I suggest you buy Boost/Ensure/Pediasure (they're all taste similar), applesauce, yogurt, mash potatoes, creamy mac & cheese (because you might not be able to chew), ice cream, water ice, other types of drinks, and other foods you can eat without doing a lot of chewing because that's what you'll be eating for the next few days

on the first day just stay in bed & watch tv and take you medications on time!

had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out.

Oh man - good news! The IV thingee is really tiny - just goes in your hand. And the anesthetic they use makes you forget everything! It's amazing stuff. You just feel really nice - you don't go to sleep really.

When they're done, they give you the antidote, and you just sit up like nothing happened. You don't even feel drugged too much.

You'll have a sore mouth for a couple weeks! Hope you don't smoke cigarettes! But you'll be so much happier without those wisdom teeth.

It's really not that bad, you're really drugged for the first 3-4 hours afterwards and nothing hurts because you're just numb. Then it hurts for a day or 2 and you look "puffy" for 2 days or so, then you're pretty much normal. It's not so bad

I was totally freaked out when I got my wisdom teeth out, too - it was my first surgery. But you don't need worry, even though it can sound scary.

Sometimes, they'll start out by showing you a video of exactly what's going to happen - and what *could happen if you don't take care of our mouth afterwards. If they show you something like this, keep in mind that it's just cautionary and as long as you follow your aftercare instructions, you'll be fine. :)

Typically, they'll be giving both local and general anesthesia, so not only will the area be numb, but you'll be knocked out. They will have you hooked up to monitors beforehand, but basically you'll just get sleepy and not remember anything 'til you wake up. As far as the insertion of the I.V., many surgeons will use a freeze spray on your arm beforehand, so it doesn't hurt when the I.V. goes in, either.

After surgery, you'll be more than a little out of it, and you might look a little like a chipmunk. The pain, however, for me, didn't start to bother me very much until the second day after the surgery. Everyone recovers differently, so this may be different for you, but they'll most likely give you pain medication - both simple stuff, like ibuprofen, and some heavier meds, such as oxycontin. If you can, try to stay away from the heavier medication if you don't need it, mostly because it can make you pretty loopy.

There will be swelling, there will be a little bit of blood - but typically you're not bleeding that much after the first day. You'll be given gauze to bite down on - and use it, use it, use it. It helps your blood form clots over the sutures, which will help it heal and protect you from getting dry sockets, etc. You should be soaking your mouth with salt water multiple times per day, but not swishing - you don't want to dislodge the clots. Your stitches should dissolve, and after a week or so, the worst is over.

I got my wisdom teeth out March of last year.

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