i have a bump on my gum that's quite painful?!

Question: I have a bump on my gum that's quite painful?
2 years ago I had all of my wisdom teeth removed because they were gonna shift my teeth and after having braces for 3 years I didn't want to go through that all over again lol.

Last night I noticed a reddish white sore on the back bottom right side on gum where my wisdom tooth would've been. It only hurts if I chew something on the right side and when I'm not eating it's just a nuisance.

I know I should probably make an dentist appointment but between school & practice and day long track meets on the weekends I really don't have the time.

I just wanna know if this is something serious and if there something I can take for it?


you have a cancer sore i get those all of the time there are many theroies you can put an ice cube on the side of your mouth where it hurt or gurgle some salt water 2 time a day

You really need to find the time to have your dentist check it out.

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