How to get a loose tooth out?!

Question: How to get a loose tooth out?
I've had this loose tooth for like EVER! and i really wanna take it out already so i can get my braces already! Help me out! How can i get it out asap?! P.S im pretty sure its ready to be taken out because the adult tooth is already growing out


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Tie a string and get someone to rip it out... lol thats what my mom always did... or just push really hard forward or to one side. THe door thing really freaks me out so I've never done it.

If it's loose, just keep wiggling it. Don't stop. Go an entire day and constantly move it around. Use your tongue, so you don't look weird though. lol! Once it's loose enough, apply some ice to numb it a little and rip it out. Have some tissue ready to stop the bleeding, too.

Or you can do the old door-knob-and-string trick.

Answer mine?

I had the same problem before I got braces.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! If the gum tissue is sensitive buy orajel, it has the numbing effect.

Me, RDA :)

twist it.

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