What lasting damage can a gum boil cause?!

Question: What lasting damage can a gum boil cause?
Can you really get rid of one by washing your mouth with salt water?


destruction of jaw bone if it is left untreated and grows large enough. Not to mention the effect of continuous infection in your body. Chronic dental infection has been strongly linked to other health problems such as diabetes and heart attack. Also, though is isn't very common it is possible that the infection spreads quickly to your brain potentially causing death. You may wake up one morning with severe facial swelling and pain even if the abcess has already been there several years. It is never a good idea to ignore any infection. Would you ignore a boil on your butt that hurt every time you sat down? The only way to cure infection is by dental treatment such as extraction, or root canal therapy. If the "boil" is caused by gum disease a deep cleaning around that tooth may treat it. SEEK TREATMENT ASAP. GOOD LUCK

dental assistant 10 yrs

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