Crossbite and off center chin?!

Question: Crossbite and off center chin?
Can braces heal this because it really hurts, and my chin isn't off centered much


an "off center" bite needs to be corrected because it can cause many problems down the road such as TMJ disorder. If it is already hurting then definatly seek treatment. When you see your orthodontist he or she should be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I have a slight crossbite on the left and consulted w an orthodontist to see of braces would help my severe migraines and the answer was no but in your case if your midline is off it is very probable that it would help. especially if you are young. plus when you are done you should have a great smile : ) GOOD LUCK

dental assistant

Yes that is what braces are for. You have a midline shift with a crossbite.

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