My daughter's front baby tooth is turning colors?!

Question: My daughter's front baby tooth is turning colors?
She just turned 4 last week. I noticed Friday that it seemed to be a little gray in color compared to the other one. I shined a light on them and the gray one was dark in the center while the other top tooth was white and light shined through the center. I don't think her tooth is rotting. This was a sudden change (like less than a week) and over the weekend, it is now much darker gray/brown. She is always hurting herself, but I can't recall her bumping her tooth recently. It is not loose. I heard baby teeth can bruise, but just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them or their child. I am praying she doesn't end up with a black tooth or need to have it pulled. There is no visible cavity or problem other than the color and like I said, a week ago it wasn't discolored. I am taking her to the dentist soon but just hoping someone has some idea of what is going on. Thanks


Hello, There are two possible explanations for the change in tooth color..(1) She has bumped the tooth to the extent the nerve has been permanently damaged and the tooth has died..It will either remain in place until the permanent tooth comes in to push it out or it may come out on it's own, either way will be fine...or (2) In some cases very young children who are given antibiotics have their teeth turn gray or take on a spotted affect due to the antibiotics. I will however suggest you have her teeth examined by a dentist to ascertain which issues your dealing with. Good luck and I wish you both well.
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it happened to my sister, she banged her tooth, when she was 4, and it went blacky/grey but when we went to the dentist she said it may stay that colour but it may not, but now its gone back to a normal whitey colour..
good luck:)!

If it's gray that means the tooth is dead. There is dried blood in the tooth.

That does not mean that it needs to be pulled. Just that it will be gray.

she has probably knocked it at sometime ,it is now dead ,dont panic though she will soon loose it as her second teeth will be coming through sometime soon,


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