I was eating breakfast, and my tooth just cracked open?!

Question: I was eating breakfast, and my tooth just cracked open?
I was eating french toast sticks, and I heard a crack when I chewed one, so I looked in the mirror, and the side of my tooth (second pre-molar) was cracked open. I think it's a baby tooth, but before I cracked it it was loose. But I'm home by myself, and my mom won't answer her phone. Does anyone know what to do to make it feel better? It's bleeding like crazy and the pain kills.


omg..get well soon..idrk what you can do..all the nearest doctor? ok this might sound crazy but it really helps..take gum and make it stretchy and all and stick it to the part thats bleeding..it really stops like that, and yeah uhh..take panadol! hope it helps and your tooth gets better!

Haha call your doctor

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