What is periodontal disease? Can it be cured?!

Question: What is periodontal disease? Can it be cured?
What is periodontal disease? Can it be cured?


Perio disease is pretty much gingivitis that is progressed to the bone. When you do not reverse gum disease the bacteria will start to attack the bone, and you will get bone loss. If you every have a perio assessment to a dental office they will probe all your teeth. if you probings are between 1-3 that is healthy, when it is around 4-5 you are getting bone loss and anything 6+ you have significant bone loss. The bone is what is holding the tooth into your jaws so if you loose most of your bone you might need to go to a periodontist and have surgery to reduce the pockets of your teeth. And that is the only way to cure perio disease you can not regrow any bone so you can have the surgery and it will reduce the pocket depth but you will get longer looking teeth and it will be sensitive.


Disease that also involves bone and periodontal ligaments apart from gums. It occurs mostly due long standing gum disease that is not treated which progresses deeper.
Symptoms: Mobile tooth & gingival pockets/gingival recession.
It can't be cured only its progression can be stopped and be kept at controllable level.

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