What is it like waking up after wisdom teeth surgery?!

Question: What is it like waking up after wisdom teeth surgery?
I just wanted to know what I could expect after the operation.


Well- they do use a new anesthesia these days at the dental surgeon's office. It causes "amnesia" - that is - you can't remember quite what went on. It's REALLY nice. They just plug it into your hand.

Anyway - ask the doctor if he can use this stuff! You just remember nice things - and then when they're done working, they shoot you with the antidote - and you get up and walk away like nothing happened. You aren't sick or throwing up or anything. I remember losing two teeth - and they woke me up - and I went and wrote them a check and I wasn't tired or woosy or anything.

Nice stuff!

You'll most likely still be doped up (percocet) so you'll feel kind of out of it from the medication, with your tongue you'll be able to feel the holes where the teeth used to be. Your jaw may be swollen for a day or two.

Reactions may vary from one person to another, but usually you feel sore and a little swollen. The most important thing is to follow the directions given to you by the surgeon so as to not risk problems like hemorrhage and excessive swelling.

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