why do i keep biting my lip when eating a sandwich?!

Question: Why do i keep biting my lip when eating a sandwich?
Every time I eat a sandwich I bite the inside of my upper lip. I don't do this with anything else...only a sandwich. Why is that?


i`ve done that loads of times, it`s not uncommon
and does`nt hurt as much as eating and accidentally
biting your own tongue now that
hurt`s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
@krista - if she had an over bite
it would not just be sandwiches as stated
i used to have an over bite and still i bite my lip when
eating sometimes !!!!! ( especially sandwiches !!!!! )
@floyd s - if it was an over bite or a crooked tooth or teeth
then it would not just be sandwiches as the question asker stated !!!!!

OK Bunky...maybe you need to stop eating sandwiches...OR...if you happen to wear a denture or partial denture that replaces front teeth, the teeth are not set in a balanced position and need to be reset. Given the information you provided that is the best I can do for you advice wise. Good luck and I wish you well.
The Denture Pro.

The Denture Pro.

Hmmm that's odd..,, it's probably because after you did it once it became. Swollen and now there is a raised scar there.. Ask your dentist at your next checkup! ;) now I kinda want a sandwich! Lol


Clearly your wife or girlfriend is making you sandwiches of an inferior quality. I suggest you have stern talk with her and let her know this is unacceptable.

Do you have an over bite? :/ Because that could be your problem, if so contact your dentist / doctor.

because your a ninja

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