Rubber bands on braces?!

Question: Rubber bands on braces?
I have to wear these three rubber bands on my braces for 12 hours a day. Would wearing them at night make a difference versus wearing them during the day?


Wearing them in the night could make your teeth straighter faster. But if you don't make sure you wear them in the day. If you dont wear them in the day, thats okay...just know that you could have the braces on longer

I used to have braces, and I had to use those rubber bands, so I can sympathize that they really are a pain. You're really lucky cuz u only have to wear them during the day, I had to wear them for 24 hours, and could only take them out when I had to eat or brush my teeth. Anyway, I don't think it would matter if you wore them at night, because 12 hours is 12 hours, no matter what time of day you count it at

hmm, wear them as much as possible they will give you great teeth and a good bite ;)

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