Are the dentists scamming me?!

Question: Are the dentists scamming me?
So ive been on the waiting list for braces for 3 years now, if i wait another 6 months ill turn 16 and have to pay ALOT for it to be done privately because ill be too old to qualify for NHS. We have called time and time again to the dentist to ask why im not getting them and we have only ever got confusing responses. Is the dentist waiting till im 16 so they can charge me the money to have the braces done or am i just being paranoid. What makes it worse is im going to have braces on my 18th which i really didnt want even though its only a minor case. Opinions ...


The NHS will provide you with orthodontic treatment for genuine clinical need up to the age of 19 and in full time education.

Have you actually been referred to the orthodontist?
Check when the referral letter was sent by your dentist?
If the referral letter was sent then ring the clinic and see when it was received and hw long you have now been waiting for an appointment?

But the issue may be that you are actually borderline to meet the clinical criteria and are therefore a low priority. They no longer provide for cosmetic reasons.
It should not after this amount of time still be with your dentist and you should by now be dealing with the orthodontic clinic.

i think it sounds like they are dragging their feet on this.The NHS were reluctant to give my daughter a brace when her front teeth crossed over said it was only cosmetic and i had to go private for her.Trouble is they are strapped for cash so they tell us. we were told a brace should be fitted as early as possible

It seems like it to me. Try another dentist, or just get mad at him. That often works.

You'll still get them free if you are still in education or on a low income

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