Can I exercise immediately after getting braces?!

Question: Can I exercise immediately after getting braces?
I'm getting braces this week. But on the day I'm getting them, I'll have a heavy lacrosse workout a few hours later. Will this be ok for my teeth?


Yes, exercising will not affect your braces in any way. The only thing that can affect your braces, are what you eat, if you get your braces tightened, and if you do something having to involve your mouth. You should be fine doing your workout with braces. Good luck on getting braces and have fun on your workout (:

Just some tips, make sure you don't chew on hard things, don't drink dark colored drinks( like Dr. Pepper and Coke) brush your teeth OFTEN, and don't eat caramel. You can have gum as long as it is sugar free.

I have braces.

dont think so

Idk y u wouldn't be. I went to chuck e cheese directly after mine

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