Will the gap between my two front teeth increase given these circumstances?!

Question: Will the gap between my two front teeth increase given these circumstances?
I'm 22 now. When I was 13, I got braces until about 15. Then I wore a retainer semi-religiously for about 2.5 years. What I mean is that the first time I got it, I never wore it during the day, but always wore it to bed at night. During the last few months of those 2.5 years, I would go a day or two without wearing it until I finally decided that it wasn't worth it anymore. Since then, the gap between my front teeth has increased a little. Only I can notice it and if you looked at my teeth up close, you would too. It's not like it shows up in pictures or anything so it's ulitmately not a big deal. More than likely, I'm overthinking things. However, my concern is that it may grow larger within the next few years. Just how big can it get? It's not like I never wore my retainer, but I just wasn't optimal about it.

Is there anything I can do at this point?


If you're 22, your jaw most likely isn't going to grow anymore, so the gap should stay where it is.

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