What color braces should I get?!

Question: What color braces should I get?
Well, I'm blonde and I have blue eyes... Not sure if that matters much, but I'm getting braces on tomorrow, and I have no idea whatsoever of what colors I'm going to get. Any suggestions?


Dark blue or green
Stay away from light colors, orange, yellow, and clear they stain and make your teeth look yellow. Darker colors make your teeth look whiter.

I have braces and have had them for about 2 years now. I'm getting them off within the next two months.

i think you should get the clear ones. after awhile you are going to hate your braces and when you have silver metal in your mouth it just looks horrible. get the clear braces you can always get colors put on them if you want.

Don't get light colors- they fade and end up making your teeth look gross. I have blue eyes and dark blonde hair too, and dark blue looks really nice on me.

Note- don't go stupid and get fluros- I learnt the hard way!

I have braces!

Blue would complement your eyes.

Can you do more than one color? That might be fun too.

Avoid clear, they show stains like crazy.

green. not neon, not camo, just kinda lime green

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