What is the best color for a teenager getting braces...?!

Question: What is the best color for a teenager getting braces...?
I am a 15 year old , freshman in high shcool. I'm getting braces soon & im nervous because i don't want them to make me ugly. I have pretty light skin & dark auburn hair. What color braces should i get? & any helpful tips about dealing with braces....? THANKS ?(:


Don't get any light colors (yellow) because they tend to make your teeth dark and nonwhite....
Usually dark colors help to make your teeth look whiter, which is why I have navy.
Clear is also an option.
They really aren't that bad-promise!
After the first week, nothing gets caught and it feels so normal.

Probably clear to not emphasize your braces, since it seems you are unhappy with them.


I'm gonna assume you're a girl (I'm really sorry if I guessed wrong) but you should get like a light blue color :D Not a too noticeable blue but a sky blue but darker :D

Pink I just got mine today and I got pink and I am mealy 15
Or get u favourite colour cuz they wil be nocitable no mater

Good luck


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