I'm getting my first tooth pulled Monday and I have some questions about la!

Question: I'm getting my first tooth pulled Monday and I have some questions about laughing gas?
They said they are not using novocaine, only the laughing gas, it's a baby tooth and it's already kinda loose. (it's my baby 12 year old molar)
Will it hurt since their not giving me novocaine?
What will laughing gas do to me? How will I feel? (happy, crazy, tired, delusional, dizzy, ect.) ?
How long til the gas wears off?
Will I remember anything that happened while I was under the gas?
Thanks for all your answers(:


In general you don't need to much pain killers/sedative for the removal of a loose baby tooth. The roots on these teeth are much shorter, and will not produce large amounts of pain when extracted. So don't worry about the pain too much.

When they administer the gas, it is normally thru a mask that kind of resembes a pigs nose. You breath in and out through your nose during the procedure. Your experience on the gas may vary, must people just feel generally more relaxed, and slightly light headed, think kind of the sensation after you got off an amusement park ride. On very high doses you may get some of the more severe side effects you mentioned, but don't worry too much about it.

The gas wears off anywhere between 10-30 minutes after they have stopped administering it. In all my experience, my memory was completely intact of what happened while on the gas. Some people may experience fuzziness, they knew they were in the dentist, but can't remember the aids name, type fuzziness, nothing like total black out.

Once again, don't worry too much about this. The gas will just relax you, calm you down, and allow the dentist to work quickly to get you in and out without too much stress.

personal experience

Well I'm sure that it wont hurt too much if they feel confident in not giving you novacaine. I bet they are only going to use some numbing gel. Thats what they used with me. And if you start to feel that sharp pain, just tell them you can and they will stop and numb you up some more. The laughing gas just kinda makes you out there. not completely out there but you do feel a bit "floaty". at least thats how i felt. after the extraction they will start feeding just regular oxygen stuff to the mask causing it to wear off. And i still remember when they pulled my teeth. Getting tooth pulled really is nothing you should get too worried about. Good Luck!

Its different for everyone, but its def not something to be scared of. happy, for me. Not dizzy or sickening at all. You will remember everything. It doesn't knock you out like that. It suprises me that they are not giving you novacaine. I'd request that they did, if it were me. I like the gas. It's fun. It's a lot like being high on pot if you've ever done that.

You will feel happy, crazy, tired, delusional, dizzy, etc....
The gas wears off the second you stop inhaling it. You may just fall asleep.


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