I have to get my wisdom teeth out...?!

Question: I have to get my wisdom teeth out...?
I have severely impacted wisdom teeth as well as two little teeth that have grown behind my wisdom teeth that shouldn't be there. So in total I have to get 6 teeth out during the Easter holidays. I don't know anything about getting teeth out, let alone wisdom teeth so can anyone tell me what it's like please?


Well, when I had all four of mine pulled out the same day. They gave me enough pain meds to last. Heck I even drove back to work and did four hours before going home. They gave me Ibuprofen 1000mg and Lora-tab. So I was quite pain free for about two weeks. There will be blood, and that you might have to eat, "easy foods" for about 6 months until the gums in your mouth have healed enough. You also can't drink from a straw, or you could damage the blood clots that do form in your mouth. Easy foods as in "no hard chewing like steaks. Easy foods like untoasted breads, fruits, some vegetables, some pasta. Just no hard chewing until the gums have healed.

contact your doc (not dentist) and ask if they can prescribe a pain killer for you. most doctors will do it in an instant if you explain whats going on and you can probably pick it up at your local (as much as I hate to say it) walmart pharmacy.

just got braces on and I haven't got my wisdom teeth out but i have been around both my bro and sis who ar 12 and 15 years older then me after theirs came out and they were worse then I was and I had a prescription.

They put the IV in and you feel nothing! Your mouth will be sore for like a week and they give you a syringe to clean out the holes where your teeth once where because food can get in the holes. And you might also get special mouthwash. But every doctor is different! Good luck

Had my wisdom teeth taken out recently.

Truthfully, they numb your mouth up so much that you cant feel a thing. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled out and felt nothing but a minor pain after the numbness came down. But the pain killers they give you take care of that.

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