Questions about braces and food?!

Question: Questions about braces and food?
Can i eat, sweet and sour chicken, chicken korma, chicken tikka? I got told the Curry's dye your brace bands different Colors.

Can i drink cola? I got told it isn't good, but i drink it and brush my teeth after wards, is that okay?


I had braces...don't eat things like sugar daddy's. Gum is just fine but sometimes a pain to pull out of the braces.

The ortho will give a little brush to clean in between the braces...make sure you USE it. I have "scars" on my teeth from not using it plus my teeth are a little weak from not brushing as well as I could have.

You don't really have to change your eating patterns too much you just need to take better care when brushing.

Yes. i eat sweet all the time with my braces and just make sure you brush always after eat those candies. im pretty sure you can eat almost everything except hard food like ice,nuts,popcorn.. sticky food like caramel and toffee, bubblegum. cut hard fruit like carrot,broccoli and hard crust of bread or pizza.

yes. it is fine to drink anything you want.i drink almost everything.
i even drink some drink with small percentage of alcohol.
it is very fine to drink all the beverages out there.

Have braces

I'm pretty sure that's totally fine. I had braces for five years, and I had some of that food and nothing happened. (:

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