I'm Getting Braces Today And I Am Really Nervous Any Tips?!

Question: I'm Getting Braces Today And I Am Really Nervous Any Tips?

There is nothing to be nervous dear.
i have braces and it doesnt hurt for me at all.
depends on individual pain tolerance.

when i go for my 1st tightening, only 1 teeth hurt.

braces dont hurt that bad like how people said. they are just exagerrating.
try to be calm and cool. it wont hurt. :)

Good Luck

have braces

Ahh, just try to chill out, I think braces are really really cute <3, and plus, when they're gone you'll have lovely straightened teeth, braces are gorgeous, I know alot of people that wear them and want them. Good luck with your braces, don't worry about em! :)

I had braces when i was 12, you just have to sit back relax and try to think about other things! I would be lying if I said it wasn't uncomfortable, but its not painful and won't last forever! Plus you will have lovely teeth when its all done!

It's for the Better in the long run...( idk i have never had any major dentistry done to me)

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