Does it hurt to have a tooth pulled out?!

Question: Does it hurt to have a tooth pulled out?
I'm having the last baby tooth pulled out tomorrow. The reason it's being pulled out is because the adult one is trying to grow through but the baby one isn't being pushed out, instead some of the tooth went In the gum and the dentist said I have to have it removed ASAP before it pushes against the adjacent teeth. This tooth has a filling on it, it's fourth back from my middle top teeth. I've never had a tooth pulled out before so I was wondering if it hurts? I've had so many of the injections they give you in the past but that was years ago so I forgot what the injection alone feels like.


No, pulling it doesn't hurt, but after the Novocaine wears off you realize someone just yanked out part of your face and that hurts like hell.

Things to do for fun while the novocaine is numbing your face. Try to spit, then wipe up the drool all the way down the front of your shirt. Since your shirt is now wet any ways, try to drink water out of a glass.

Try to recite poems or poetry when you can't say anything that requires your tongue to participate. You sound like you are from a foreign country just learning to speak english.

it kinda hurts if they rub on something that numbs your gum but you will still feel some pain, the best way is to get anesthetic injected in your gum although the needle might hurt it wont hurt as bad when you pull it out.

if it is like one of the front tooth it wont even hurt, but if it is one of the really far back ones then good luck because you might scream a little

Yes, it does.. a lot of people have been known to have died from the pain alone.

To MEGAN... the idiot below me is just telling you something to make you feel better, what are you going to be thinking when it hurt so bad and she lied to you. What I said may not make you happy, but it is honest and you will thank me later because you will know what to expect.

Well those two kiddos up there ^^ are dumb.
No, it does not hurt. They numb your gums and then pull it out, just like you did with all the rest of your teeth. (:


They say it hurts more than giving birth to a baby.

Well when I had my adult teeth pulled out for braces, it didn't hurt much.
The only scary part of it is the needle. They have to give you shots to numb your mouth so that it wouldn't hurt as much when you get your teeth pulled out. And don't worry, you'll only feel a slight pinch. But the numb shots they give you may not be enough so if you feel any pain during the process, you'll just have to ask them to give you more shots.
Once they give you the numb shots, you probably won't feel any pain.
Oh and if you happen to feel any pain at home after you get your teeth pulled out or during the morning when you just woke up, you can try to take some advil or tylenol.
For me, advil works the best even though it's only for headaches but tylenol works as well.
I hoped I helped. Good Luck! (=

my experience haha

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