Wisdom tooth Advice.. Plz help!xxx?!

Question: Wisdom tooth Advice.. Plz help!xxx?
Hi there!
Im a Dental Nurse..

I see teeth being extracted everyday..

But i need to get my LL 8 extracted

The other nurses that i work with have tell me it doesnt hurt..
But for some reson am still worried in case i feel it.

I no you dont feel any pain but i no you are supposed to feel a bit of pressure.

Can you give me your experiences about it please?

I wouldnt be bothered tbh its just because it my wisdom tooth!

Thanks for your help..


Hiya! I'm also a dental nurse, I had my wisdom tooth out my boss took it out he was brill!!! And there was no pain and to be honest there was hardly any pressure, all over and done with in a few minutes! Best thing I ever did I had so many infections with it!!

Dental nurse 9 yrs

had all four out,it the pressure you do feel that.it not the nice but child birth is worse

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