My braces are giving me so much pain, what can I do to ease it?!

Question: My braces are giving me so much pain, what can I do to ease it?
I have had my top braces for a long while, a quite a few months really. I just now got my bottom set on (I don't know why, they probably just wanted money from us, my bottom is perfectly straight) and they hurt so much! I forgot what I did last time with Braces:Part l. Now that it is Braces:Part ll I need you guy's help.
thanks to all your pain-easing suggestions!


rinse with warm salt water...the warmer the water the better..that used to ease the pain and soothe my gums when i wore braces

there's not much you can do.

i had braces for two years, along with a palate expander (that's pain right there). there's not much you can do to ease the pain.

try taking tylenol or advil.....but ask your parents how much to take. (i'm assuming you're younger)

personal experience

Sorry if this isn't much help, but all you can really do is take a pain pill or something :( That's what I had to do Dx

Personal experience

Advil always worked for me!

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