I chipped a tooth, what are they going to do?!

Question: I chipped a tooth, what are they going to do?
I got mugged/beat up last night. I just left the hospital who treated my broken arm and stitched me up, but they couldnt do anything about my chipped tooth. they told me to see my dentist immediately if it hurts, which it does.

Before you tell me to jsut call my dentist, I already did but got an answering machine. I'm hoping theyre just away at lunch or something. So in the mean time, I'd like to know how they are going to fix this. I've never chipped a tooth, so I'd like to hear from anyone with experience while I wait.

Just doing some basic research on my phone looks like there are 3 or 4 options depending on how severe it is. So I'll explain it best I can. Its a lower front tooth, the ones that are thicker at the bottom, thinner up top. It chipped the top thinner part off, kind of diagonal to one side to the thicker part. Overall, not much is gone. But I am in a moderate amount of pain when I put pressure on it, no pain when there isnt. So I'm not sure if the nerve is damaged.

So what do you think theyll do? I have dental insurance, but I'll have to pay a copay.. any ideas on how much?


They'll probably make a tiny tooth-piece out of resin or the same enamel they make veneers out of, and replace the missing piece. Or, they'll cover the whole tooth with veneer. It probably hurts because it's a mouth trauma, which always seem to hurt more than anything. Your gum is probably bruised. Take some over the counter painkillers like tylenol or something. The dentist may give you something topical too. Sorry this happened to you...good luck!

They will apply a nice piece of porcelain to the broken part, it doesn't even look obvious. Don't worry they do a good job! It shouldn't cost that much either if you have insurance. But I do suggest you learn from this and learn how to brawl so you can avoid bodily harm.

The doctas down town here in atlanta will rip ya teeth out and replace em with silva n gold buiscuts yooo

they will put you under nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and fix it for you. It wont hurt don't worry :)

If it's a large chip they will probably give you a crown, .....

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