Acid and lsd?!

Question: What is the actual effect of acid (lsd like?)

I'm a major pothead and have tried many differnet drugs acid is still a toss up in the air.. yes i fear a bad trip.

Answers: What is the actual effect of acid (lsd like?)

I'm a major pothead and have tried many differnet drugs acid is still a toss up in the air.. yes i fear a bad trip.

i did ALOT of acid in the 90's, the experience is something i can hardly describe, but i will attempt. like all drugs there are good effects and bad effects. some of the good effects are that you see the world around you diffrently, depending on the type of acid you get you may have visual halucinations. i once saw my bathroom carpet grow like grass, frequently saw the walls of the room i was in wave, and people's faces look strange. if it is not too intense this can be fun if you remind yourself it is just the drug and willl end. i found my mind was open to many ideas i has never been able to understand before, for instance i found it easier to understand God, and spirituality not just while i was feeling the drug, but for years after.i usually found it a must to have only positive people around me while tripping, because negative people will affect your trip. i would get a group of 5 to 10 people together and we would watch visually interesting movies, plot willnot matter, you will not be able to follow it anyway. and we would not leave the house, because no one could drive on this the last thing you would want would be to run into a negative person. all in all it was usually a fun experience. plan an entire 2 days for it,, though. if you take the hit at say 8 pm you will start to feel the effects around 9 to 10. do not take more because you think it is not working, it takes a couple of hours sometimes. from the first feeling of things being diffrent, you will graduaally get more and more f*cked up for several hours. during this time be sure to drink plenty so as not to dehydrate yourself. the "peak" could be anywhere from 5 to 8 hours into the trip. then you will gradually get less and less f*cked up until you crash, usually around sunrise the next day. at this point you will sleep for 8 to 10 hours. you will definately feel residuals for several days after a trip.
now for the bad affects. you may find yourself stuck on one thing, unable to get your attention onto something else. hense the saying tripping on something. if you have positive tripping buddies they will help you by involving you in other activities, but STAY AWAY FROM MIRRORS, and have a bathroom monitor, because it is easy to get stuck in the bathroom for hours staring at yourself in the mirror and this can sometimes lead to a bad feeling. you will not be hungry at all while tripping, but you should eat some light food, or you may vomit from all the stomach acid churning. your back is going to hurt if the acid is cut with strictnine, and most is.
every once and a while you will get ahold of some acid that does not give you strong visuals, but instead it works on your emotions, you will be happy, sad, crying, angry, laughing, and any combination of strong emotions, for no reason.
i only had 1 "bad trip out of the hundreds i did, but 1 was enough to get me to never do it again. all the things you fear bubble to the surface and torment you. it is completely personal.
the worst bad effect of acid is that years after you stop taking it you have moments that seem unreal. they may not happen for months at a time, but then one day you will be going along your day and everything will feel wrong, this is known as a flashback. it sucks. it can last from a few minutes to a few months. i personally have developed panic disorder from having done this drug.

then there is the chance of going on a trip and NEVER coming back. this is not a legend. i have friends who were mentally unstable to start off with, but they were able to lead normal lives, but after doing acid they were on what we would call a permatrip. they, the person we knew, were GONE. some of these friends have finally started to come back to somewhat normal, 10 years later, others are institutionalized.

the decision is yours and yours alone, but weigh these factors
1 do you already have a mental instability
2 are you wiling to take the chance of never being the same person again, no matter what you WILL be diffrent forever.
3 if you can handle seeing more of the world in a way you never have before

and as a footnote. do not waste other drugs while doing acid. for instance smoking pot will not get you high while on acid, and coke will only make your heart beat harder and maybe give you a heart attack, drinking will not get you drunk, but may make you sick. the only drug i have ever felt whilt on acid is extacy, and then it is an entirely diffrent trip.

personally i would advise shrooms to acid. shrooms have all the cool visuals, they do not last as long if you do not like the feelings, and they are a better trip in my oppinion.

keep in mind that there is NO antidote to LSD. milk will not help as some say it does. if you take the hit, you ARE going on a trip, and the only way down is to ride it out. even at the hospital in the worst case all they can do for you is give you a tranquilizer to let you sleep it out.

hope my experience helps you. and remember i have not done this for over 10 years because of the 1 bad trip. i can't even describe that except to say i have been clean and sober for 8 years from everything including pot because that trip gave me such bad panic attacks that anything that alters me in any way scares the hell out of me now.

just stop iit i now lsd is virtualy harmless but it can still kill you

You should have had a different title. "acid and lsd" makes it look like you think there is a difference betweeen them.

look on

They have a full list of effects and an experience vault of accounts of people who have done it.

If your set and setting is right, you won't have a bad trip. Go with the flow and keep an open mind. Remember, it will end.

Some people really enjoy acid and some people can really get freaked out. I tried it one time and I did not like it. I have done other drugs as well, but I really disliked acid. It freaked me out because I felt like my mind was not right, like the drug was attacking my brain...idk I hated it! It's definitely a mind drug, not a body drug.

ONE bad trip..and you may become a vegetable...i saw it first hand....don't do it..!!!!

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