Is 80 days enough to remove all THC from my urine?!

Question: is 80 days long enough to have no thc metabolites left in my urine/system whatever. Im talking less than 15 ng/mL.

Answers: is 80 days long enough to have no thc metabolites left in my urine/system whatever. Im talking less than 15 ng/mL.

The half-life of THC concentration ranges between 1 to 10 days. There is too much human variation to even approximate how long THC will be detected in the urine of an individual. Infrequent users with a fast metabolism will have the shortest detection time. Frequent users with a slow metabolism will have long detection times. The only way to estimate a detection time is to consider the lower and upper bounds (3-30 days), and decide based on the factors.

In my opinion 80 days enough for THC to be fully metabolise and cleared fro your system.

Just a friendly reminder, THC is not good for you and you need seek help to stop using it.

Yes. THC stays in urine for 30 days.

you only need 30.

Smoke my poll.

Yes. It should be out of urine in 30 days.


from my knowledge it takes at least 90 days minimum til its all out of your system.

yes should be fine

yes thats plenty of time 30 days is usually the max it takes me about 4 days it all depends on your metabolism


You could have passed a urine test over a month ago.

Yes but, drink alot of water and cranberry juice!!!

haha yeah thats long enough

It all depends on your body fat content and your metabolism. Don't freak. Humans normally produce small amounts of THC (the part of weed that makes you high, and the part they test for) as a byproduct of certain chemical reactions. Some THC in your urine is normal. The test is not all or nothing, they're looking for THC above a certain level.

THC stays in your system for anywhere from 10 to 30 days. It depends on how fast your metabolism is and how much body fat you have (THC is stored in your fat cells which is why it can stay in your body for so long).

If you think you might not pass here's a few things you can do:

- work out, burning fat cells will help get the THC out of your body. (don't work out within 12 hours of the test, the THC from the fat cells will leave your body by way of urine)

- Drinking water won't help you unless you drink it within 5 hours of your test. Drink 3 or 4 glasses and take a multi vitamin on an empty stomach. The water will dilute your urine and the vitamin will break down and add minerals to your urine so that it's less obvious that you have been trying to dilute it. If your urine is too diluted they will either know you were trying to hide something or they will just have you come back and retake the test. Both situations don't look good if you're trying to pass this test to get a job.

- Go to the bathroom at least once before your test. If you have to take your test first thing in the morning, don't let the test be the first pee of the day. Your first pee of the day will have been sitting in your bladder all night and will very concentrated.

- Drink a speacial cleanser drink. They sell them at vitamin shops. They work along the same idea as the water and vitamin suggestion except that they have specific cominations of minerals and vitamins that are specific to urine. So your pee looks more authenic as opposed to diluted. This is the best idea is you can afford it. Some of the drinks are pretty expensive.

- They sell home urine tests, if you're worried you could always get one of those and see.


- Do not use someone elses urine. Most testing places search you before you go into the bathroom or they make you leave the door open to someone can watch you while you go. Also, they test the temperature of the urine when you hand if to them so they can be sure it came from a human body. Getting caught would be very bad. Do not buy any of the synthetic powdered urine. You will need to run water in order to mix it and you definitly will not be allowed to. Most labs can tell the difference between real and synthetic urine and again, the temperature will be off.

-Do not drink tons and tons of water right before your test. Your urine will be obviously diluted and you will just have to retake the test.


The 30 days they state is false. In most case a casual user will be clean in 30 days. A daily user can take 60-90 days to clear up 100%.

Now you can only hope they don't request a hair sample.

You really only need about 25 days.. my friend smoked and a week later he passed a drug test because he drank about 1 gallon and a half a day

i used to smoke and i asked a cop before and they said they heard about the 30 day thing but said its not true. best thing to do is to drink aloot of grape juice. really works. they even sell thc elimator products. kinda hard to find tho.

Well it depends on how much you smoke? Like everyday, several times a day or just 2-3 times a week or month? I think if its spardically your ok in like 15-30 days but if its everyday several times a day it will take longer like 30-45 days.
good luck

Should be, unless you were a really heavy smoker.

28 days if you smoke daily. depending on body weight 3 days for one joint while you have a clean system. you would fail a hair follicle test if it's only been 80 days since you smoked last

i have partied hard for the past decade and i never failed the 2 drug tests i had nor am i made to take any right now.i cleaned up a month ago because i might wanna make 6 gigs a year instead of 6 bucks an hour the rest of my life.weed may not be a problem to some but it affects us all.the laws are in force.i dont mind the laws as long as it is going to pay me in the long run.and i thought there was no incentive to follow the rules.yes we are rewarded for not giving society a hard time.besides i can think better and am happier and i get more dont need dialysis and black lungs everyday of your life do is bad enough our lungs are black from the last 30 years breathing in everyone elses auto exhaust and cigarette smoke and landfill waste and overhead powerlines making us miss our hair and teeth!

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