Can you die from quiting smoking?!

Question: is it true that if you are old and have smoked your whole life you could die if you quit?

Answers: is it true that if you are old and have smoked your whole life you could die if you quit?

I'm already dead inhaling the pollution around me,When i do cycling it's already dangerous when cars passed quite close.What shall i do,they too need to drive children to school,go to work and go to groceries.
I don't smoke ,but i'll die anyway......
oh wait,maybe i don't die,,,hehe...

no i dont think its true

NO, in fact I've read that even if you are a long time smoker, your lung get some benefit from not continuing to smoke. I think the only way you could die is if the smoking has already done irreversible damage.

One cannot die from the act of stopping anything proven harmful.

Yes, you can have severe withdrawal symptoms, as is the case with any narcotic, but that is a relatively small price to pay, considering the alternatives.

It is also true that some people have developed maladies whose symptoms appeared some time after stopping, but, in the vast majority of cases, they were caused by the smoking, and would have occurred in one form or another, whether or not they stopped (again, 'tis better to stop!).

Using my own family as an example: my grandmother was a lifetime smoker. When she was 67, her doctor gave her an ultimatum: Stop smoking, or you won't see your grandchildren after this year. She stopped cold turkey, suffered through terrible withdrawal symptoms, but lived ten more years (granted, doctors don't know for certain about these things, but I had my grandmother around for at least nine years longer, so we're grateful to him). In another instance, as a result of that same ultimatum, my aunt (that grandmother's other daughter) had stopped smoking, but had a pneumectomy nearly two decades later; the doctor said it was definitely induced by smoking, even after such a long time (i.e., lung damage is irreversible). She's fine, now, approaching her 70th birthday, but who knows how bad she would have been had she not stopped?

So, STOP NOW!!! (and, yes, your mother told me to say that!) ;)

no i think u actually live longer

No. But you can certainly die by continuing it.

Creepy. I would think not, unless you just get lonely missing your pack of cig buddies or can't handle the shaking withdrawl symptoms and it makes you ill.

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