How old do I have to be to buy medicine to treat a yeast infection?!

Question: I'm under 18 and I have a yeast infection. What over-the-counter drug should I buy and can I even buy it at my age?

Answers: I'm under 18 and I have a yeast infection. What over-the-counter drug should I buy and can I even buy it at my age?

Buy may be tempted to go with the 1 or 3 day treatment, but if you want it gone for good, I suggest the 7 day. You don't have to be 18 to buy it.

EDIT: Cranberry juice is for UTI's...not yeast infections. Eating yogurt will help prevent a reoccurence.


I think you should be able to buy this under 18. Call Walgreen's and ask the pharmacist.

yea you can buy it at your age.
try vagisil.

there is no age limit for that.

yes you can buy it at your age, its femine health. dont worry or feel embarroused.

should be no age limit ,drink lots of cranberry juice too

you have to be 18..i was actually buying tylenol..and they asked for my ID :S but iam 19 so it wasnt a problem.. and my tylenol was over-the counter drug so ..I dunno maybe diff places are different but I bought mine at CVS

it is over the counter, you can buy it without a problem, and the best to go with is a canesten 3 day treatment. one days do not work.

monistat......damn md2020 gave me an infection

any thing over the counter

I don't think they will ID you if you purchase this over the counter medication.

You can buy Monistat or a similar product over the counter. No age requirement.

You don't have to be 18 to buy medication for yeast infections, try Monistat or something of that nature.

go to walmart. they have a self check out line. saves me grief.

I also buy generic brand because it does not stand out like the brand names. You know if you run into someone you know at the store.

You don't have to be 18, these products are available on the shelf for anyone to buy, no age limit.

Monistat, and of course you can buy it. The only thing you can by over the counter at your age is Diet pills i believe. Everything else they have behind the counter. Too afraid kids are going to still it and make illegal drugs out of them.

any age

Are you sure it is a yeast infection, as if it is, your doctor would prescibe or advise you what to buy, and you could confirm with him, if its just an over the counter drug, which in most cases to treat a yeast infection it is, no age limit. Be sure to see your doctor to ensure that it is what you think if you are sexually active.

They dont check your age for over the counter meds for this. I would get the monistat one treatment its like $18.00. and Dont worry Its not nearly as awkward as it would seem at the check out.

monistat. spend the extra for the one or three day treatment.
make sure that when you go to your normal gyno exam that you do report you had one as frequent ones can mean bigger issues.

Yes, you can buy it over the counter. As an alternative to the overpriced vaginal creams, foot fungus creams use the same medicine and ingredients (1% clotrimazole) for a fraction of the price.


You can buy yeast infection medicine at any age.

You should be able to buy it, I would think they'd feel bad for you, so they won't give you any trouble! DON'T get the 1 or 3 day cream, they don't work! Get the 5 or 7 day, also...I wouldn't get an off brand.

proper diagnosis and medication should start with your family doctor. Delays or treating the wrong thing could be dangerous.

You don't have to be any age. There are many different brands, they all pretty much are the same. If the ingredients are the same, it doesn't matter which brand. Some of them vary because of how many days you need to use them. The one-day options are typically the most expensive, maybe 10-15 dollars. The 7 day creams are usually 5-10 dollars. Either way, they both usually do the trick. If the problem doesn't get better, you should see a doctor. Technically you should see a doctor to rule out other problems, esp. if you have never had a yeast infection before.

You can walk into a drug store right now & purchase medication. Are you sure you have a yeast infection though?
Would you like to use a wire bottle brush to take care of the discomfort?
If you said yes, then you should go get some monistat. Read the back pannel of the package or ask a female at the store for help. It's going to cost about 9-15 dollars + tax.
Have a nice day

It is not a controlled medication. You don't need to be 18, it is over the counter. If you are not able to go to the doctor, you could ask someone at the pharmacy to help you. Most medications for this have the same ingredients. Since you are under 18 i imagine you don't have much money. Look for something generic for monistat. But you should really go to the doc to make sure it's not something mare than a yeast infection.

Thi is normal, many women & even men suffer from a yeast infection at some point in their life. Do not be shy about it, go to the Dr/Chemist & ask them for some cream/treatment. As far as I am aware you do not have to be over 18 y/o to buy this kind of product. I do not know where you reside by you can buy this cream in the feminine hygiene section of some supermarkets, also you could use natural yoghurt as this has been proven to be a natural treatment for some yeast infections. Good Luck!

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