When someone dies in the UK how long do they keep the medical records for?!

Question: When someone dies in the UK how long do they keep the medical records for!?
what it is, is that my gran died in 2001 and it has just been sid to me that the doctors may have lied to her and not told her when she had cancer when she did because they didnt want her to know so the next fiew years of her life would have been worry free!. but 6 years later she become termaly ill!. Can some1 help me please thanksWww@Answer-Health@Com

10 years only for GP records!.

It is in the NHS's interest to delete them as quickly as possible - as cases like yours come up all the time!.

Either way, it's very hard to sue a Doctor, and the second they get wind of your plans - you will see door close - including access to records of people who have passed away!.

A Doctor is not employed by a Hospital, he/her is a 'guest' who offers his/her services - and thus is usually immune to prosecution!.

Instead you have to sue the Hospital trust, which in itself is nearly impossible as they have a billion excuses as to why they fail!.

The Hospital trust will NOT give you ANY information that will give a Doctor (or them) a bad name!. They are allowed to do this legally, as your Grandmothers medical records belong to the state - not her!. (Legally)!.

It would have been under your Grandmothers Doctors discretion if they chose to break bad news to her that was (in their eyes) going to kill her anyway!.

Doctors have a get out clause that allows them NOT to tell a patient any news that may adversely affect them mentally, or that of a third party (basically anyone involved in her care)!.

They are legally allowed to lie to you, because by telling the truth - they are affecting you mentally!. See!? When you apply for medical records, they are allowed NOT to give you the full file, but to give you select papers, or what we call medical records!. Again, they are legally allow to lie to you, and tell you have all of them - when you don't!.

I know that medical records are often marked with a highlighter pen that are ones NOT to be given to patients!. The ones (showing now incriminating evidence) and then photocopied and sent out via the NHS - after you pay the

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