Treadmill or bicycle? which is better?!

Question: Treadmill or bicycle!? which is better!?
Not for losing weight but for cardio and toning!.!.I can't stand the treadmill and I get too tired after the first 10 minutes on a speed on 6!.5 and an incline of 1!.5-2
on the bike, I can stay for 40 minutes on an RPM of 90-140 (varying) and it shows that I crossed 20-22 km's!.
Am I doin'g better on a bike or does a treadmill give better exervise (since I feel totally exhausted)!?
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You don't have to have a steep incline do be beneficial!. and you can use it in bad weather!. But you need to use the one that you like so you can keep going!. I personally use both, or walk in the mall!.
Sounds like you need to eat a better quality of food so you will have enough energy!. Maybe a sports bar before your work out!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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