What can i do to cease my depresion?!

Question: What can i do to cease my depresion!?
im rely depresed
and theres only one way i can get over it
and thats starting to get old
and its not working as good anymore
can anyone help me!?

First of all, realize and accept the fact that depression is real, it is serious and only you can make up your mind to do something to change things, you need to involve someone in your life that can guide and direct you in a way that is going to help you with this problem, and, this really needs to be a good professional, someone you like, and trust, they will need to try and evaluate what type of depression you have to decide the proper treatment, clinical depression usually requires medication to correct an imbalance in brain chemicals, that is most likely the reason you are depressed, he will ask you a lot of questions,including if there is a history of depression in your family, mom or dad, etc!., bi-polar is a very serious form of depression, this really is not something you can do on your own, you need to be dedicated to wanting to get well, and also to educating yourself about depressions , causes, types, treatment, etc!., it takes a strong person who really wants to get well to actually go to the work and persistence of doing so and only you can decide if you really want to!. There is lots of information on the net about every kind of depression!. Good luck to you!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

When I get depressed, I think about people who have it worse than I do!. Maybe you could volunteer somewhere!. Seeing how others are suffering is a way to make you realize that you have it better than you realized!. Volunteering is always a great wake up call!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

pills!? lol, when I get depressed from stress or something, just think everything happens for a reason, whatever you do, it was meant to happen, you can't make any wrong choices!. =)Www@Answer-Health@Com

You could talk to someone about it!. Options for medications or behavioral treatment are available depending on your preference of treatment!. Diet can help as well!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Find time to do what you love, your hobbies!. Hang out with your friends!. Relax!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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