Shisha (Hookah tobacco) vs. Cigarettes?!

Question: Shisha (Hookah tobacco) vs!. Cigarettes!?
Alright, so I smoke shisha!. Out of a hookah!. And I was wondering what the difference health wise is between that and cigarettes!. I already know that there is much less nicotine, there is usually only !.5% or so per box!. I also know that there is no tar, it is only tobacco, molasses, gelatin (sometimes) and fruit/fruit flavoring!. So!.!.!.

Is tar created when you smoke it!?

Does using aluminum foil on the top instead of one of the already made metal things make a difference!?

I have heard that a 45 min!. hookah smoking session = 10 cigarettes!.
I have also heard that that is not true!.



Its like someone hit me over the head with a lead pipe!. and drug me through an establishment, that sold only 2 things, peppa and a fan, to blow that peppa around!

Its like the peppa monsta from lost left the island and made a bee line
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Smoking tobacco is never good, but since the smoke it's filtered through water it's slightly better!. There also aren't all those chemicals they shove into cigs!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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