How can i get to sleep quicker?!

Question: How can i get to sleep quicker!?
I'm having a bit of trouble sleeping, i find it really hard to get to sleep!.!.!.

Any ideas of what i should do!?


Get into a routine - go to bed at the same time every night!.

If you are lying in bed and can't sleep, don't get up and do something as this sends mixed messages to your body!. Stay in bed and eventually your body will learn what time is "bedtime"!.

Make sure your environment is appropriate for sleep - ie dark, no distractions, quiet!.

Also think about why you are having trouble getting to sleep!. Are you anxious!? Stressed!? Are there issues which are keeping your mind too active for sleep!? If so try to sort out these issues, so that you can go to bed relaxed!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

dont watch tv or go on the computer before you go to sleep
scary images or just the light from the tv/comp can keep you up, even
if you dont conciously notice it, it winds your body up !. try to read a mag, book or listen to quiet music 15-20 minutes before you go to sleep, and get into pj's before you plan on going to bed!. also try having complete darkness- that helps me too i cant stand the light!. blindfold things are also pretty awesome too (:

hope this helps!Www@Answer-Health@Com

I feel your pain!.
I use to have the same problem!.
ITS so annoying, laying in bed for hours!
Well if its time your worried about turn your clock around, that will help so much!.
If you have some turkey eat it it makes you sooooo sleepy!.
Don't go to bed later on the weekends, it messes up your internal clock!.
Read a book or magazine!.
Maybe your not doing enough things in your day, workout in the morning!. (Don't workout before bed)
Just get calm before you go to bedWww@Answer-Health@Com

maybe you should read a book or count sheep or something, think about you life!. something!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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