How do I talk to my doctor?!

Question: How do I talk to my doctor!?
sorry this is a bit long, but a back story is necessary!.

I have a doctors appointment in a few hours!. it is a follow-up visit because my stomach has been bugging me a lot lately!. I was at the doctor's early december, then again two weeks ago for the same problem and today my doctor wants to basically check in with me about my stomach issues as well as how my ultrasound came out perfectly normal!.

First of all, I hate the doctor!. Not my doctor as a person, but doctors in general!. I have problems getting out what I need to say!.
Second of all, last time I was there, he was basically giving off the feeling of "your discomfort is not as bad as you are making it out to be" so I am afraid that this time, he is going to just shrug off the fact that my stomach is still bugging me (which will inevitably make it more difficult for me to tell him that my stomach is bugging me!.)

How can I make sure that I get out what I need to say in order to feel like my doctor has heard everything necessary to make some sort of a diagnosis or know what to do next!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Doctors in general are a little weary of patient opinion and input since a patient hasn't had the same training, like 8-15 years!. But the key to get their attention is being honest and using key symptoms like it hurts only when I eat, I feel bloated, it feels better after I eat, sharp pain in my lower left, upper right!. Try to be specific about body position, sitting, standing, laying down!. These help!. If your doctor still ignores you just be frank and say," I'm a little worried about this, is there anything I need to be concerned about!?" Most nice doctors will be honest!. I guess though don't sound like you researched too much on the interent cause it's annoying to doctors patients that self diagnose!. I don't know if this helped much, but good luck!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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