I've had this sore throat for a few days!. I have a dry cough in the morning, and when I put my head down I feel this bump on your throat!. At night and sometimes in the afternoon i start coughing a lot!. You know what you breath in you feel this annoying tickle and then you cough, which makes it worst, then you cough again making it worser, until you cough numerous times!. I hate my dry coughs in the morning! I hate those soar throats when I sleep! And i hate that tickle in your throat when you breath in! I have to go to camp on Wednesday and i don't want to have a soar throat there! Whats a fast and easy way I can get rid of the tickle and stuff!? Please don't mention medicine or going to the doctors!


and please make it simple, nothing to complicated


Okay, here is the remedy I use when I have a sore throat-

-boil water with lemon slices (maybe half a lemon, depends how lemony you want it)
-when the water is boiled, stir in some honey
-if you want it quite sweet, put a teaspoon of honey at the base of the mug you're going to use, too
-pour the water into your mug, stir, let it cool for a bit and drink while it's still hot!. Add more honey if it's not sweet enough
-if there's some left, you can use it again, just heat it up

(Sometimes I boil Lemon Fanta, or 7up instead of water!.!.!.it tastes really nice, and you want it to be more syrupy than its usual fizzy form)

Less sweeter remedy - gargle warm water, with a good amount of salt in it!. Not nice, but helps get rid of the germs that can cause sore throats - salt is great for killing things!. Try not to swallow!!

If the sore throat has lasted for a few days, you really should think about the doctor - if it's a virus, you may need some antibiotics to get rid of it!. Although you don't want medicine, you can get some remedies in stores without prescription which are very effective in killing the bacteria which can cause sore throats - I used to find numbing, medicinal sprays for the throat tasted nasty, but gave me a lot of relief!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

When we have sore throat, we drink lots of hot liquids (broths and herbal teas), especially the one called "throat coat!."

Additionally, we take garlic cloves and chop them up really small!. Put it in some type of jar in the fridge!. Every 2-3 hours, take out a half spoon full and drench it with honey!. Swallow the whole thing in one big gulp - you WILL NOT taste the garlic if you do it this way!. My 12 yr-old son is so convinced of its effectiveness that he will ask for this if he feels he needs it!. My 2 yr-old and 4 yr-old will also take it without complaint!. I've told them not to "chew" it - they've all tried it once, and that's it!. Don't chew - just swallow!.

Google garlic to learn all the healing qualities of it!. It is a known antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and is basically great for so many things!. This will work towards "healing" your sore throat, because it will get to the root of the problem (that is, either bacteria or viral infection)!. We also use this as a natural antibiotic and frequently do not have to go to the doctor for a prescription!.

Lemon is good, as well!. Add some lemon to the teas that you drink, or mix a syrup with lemon and honey!.

Extra vitamin C would be very benefical!. Don't worry about going over the Recommended amounts - because they are set at such a low standard so as to just prevent scurvy!. Much more vitamin C is necessary and beneficial if you are sick!. I have taken one "Emergen-C" packet (sold in most stores) per hour or two when I am sick or fighting something off!. You will know if you've had too much Vitamin C or need to back off of it if your bowels start getting loose!. Some people do this on purpose as part of an "ascorbic acid flush!."

Additionally, refrain from any sugary or dairy products while you are fighting an illness!. It will work against anything positive you try to do!. Sugar suppresses the immune system!. (The honey is okay and, in fact, has antibacterial properties in it as well, in addition to minerals and other nutrients needed for healing)!.

Try to eat as much fresh, raw fruit as you can (grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, etc!.)!. Fruit helps your body to "cleanse" and heal!.

P!.S!. Someone brought up antibiotics if it's a virus - antibiotics are only for bacterial infections and do nothing for viral infections!. Just keep that in mind!. Read "Beyond Antibiotics" by Schmidt, Smith & Sehnert for more info on antibiotics!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Sounds like you have post nasal drip!. I get that when I am getting over a cold and things are draining, or when I have allergies!. To get rid of a sore throat, gargle salt water before going to sleep at night!. Drink water first thing when you wake up in the morning!. I also find tea with honey very soothing during the day!. If it does not get better in a couple of days after this you may have a bacterial infection and need to go to the doctor for antibiotics!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

no medicine or going to the doc!? Well if you take those out I'd suggest using a strong mouth wash!. For some reason I notice that when I have a sore throat and I gargle with a mouth wash that stings a little it feels a bit numb and better then I just munch on cough drops during the day!. ^^ But i'm sure the fastest way is going to the doc so he/she can tell you what's causing it and if there's a need for antibiotics it'll clear up super fast with them!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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