Muscle Aches, vomiting diarrhea heaadache chills. is this flu even though i had !

Question: Muscle Aches, vomiting diarrhea heaadache chills!. is this flu even though i had a flu shot!? !?
Yesterday I had a bowl of cereal, diidnt eat anything the rest of the day cuz i kept having to use the bathroom!. then tried to eat a few cookies later that night but could barley get it down!. Started getting REALLY bad muclular aches in my legs, i kept throwing up, such bad diarrhea that it was just pure liquid TMI i know!.!. Headache, now i have stomach ache!. I just feel like such crap its getting unbearable!. Is this the flu!? i got a flu shot a couple months back!. and what can i do to help feel better!? i take IB profin every 4 hrs hoping i dont puke it up!. HELP im so sickWww@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, unfortunately it is the flu, we have all had it here in this area and we had flu shots as well, it is very nasty and very contagious!. You want to take gas-x as it will make you very gassy, and immodium for the diarrhea so you don't dehydrate!. Meanwhile don't eat anything until your stomach begins to feel better!. Sip plain hot tea or with some honey in it, or flat ginger ale ( let it sit out to kill the bubbles)!. When your stomach feels better try applesauce ( helps regulate the diarrhea), and follow the BRAT diet - broth or bananas, rice, applesauce, tea or toast!. NO dairy, nothing fatty or sugary!. Canned fruit helped me and also hardboiled eggs, saltine crackers, italian or french bread ( fat free), oatmeal mixed with applesauce, all stayed down!. Eat very small amounts and take a long time to eat, monitor how your stomach feels etc!. and rest!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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