Is this just gas pains - and how do i get rid of it?!

Question: Is this just gas pains - and how do i get rid of it!?
BTW I have had runny poo a week ago and ever since i have had softer poo than normal!.
Well i have had pains under my ribs and behind hy shoulder blades AND just above my hips!. I had been getting abit worried but i have just realised that its probably gas pains!. I have had gas pains before (really bad, to the extent i couldn't walk) BUT this time its no where near as bad but i have been burping/farting MUCH more than usual and quite a few times in the day i can feel gas traveling through my body!. i havnt felt hardly as much pain today BUT i have been moving alot it school, and i needed a fart more when i was moving at school, than i did at home when i was sat down!.

I want to get rid of this (i have had it for 3/2 1/2 days) (i didn't have it AS much today as i did all the days before)

Are there any home remedies i can do to get rid of it quickly!. Its not giving me allot of pain but i want to get rid of it as i am in school!. And it doesn't help, needing to fart in class, and having to pretend yo need the loo to do a massive fart!. LOL!.

Please help


PS - i dont want any medication (i have none and i am usless at taking medication)
Oh and just a minute i ushed my stomach and it was quite hard, could it be alot of gas im feeling!.
Oh and sorry for the details, but yesterday i did a poo and it was normal but just a little bit softer than normal, but today i was desperate and i just ran to the loo and it was quite soft!. It think i am alright!. Am i !?

I still have runny ish poo, it doesnt hurt but when i poo it comes out quite quickly and it IS solid but little bits (the past few days it has floated) (do you know what i mean!? about the runny but solid)
BTW it doesnt hurt to poo!.

Please give some suggestionsWww@Answer-Health@Com

It may have something to do with what you are eating!. Lay off apples & juices, eat some cheese and bananas (both are binding foods) To get rid of the gas I take Gas X but you can use a heating pad or a hot bath (try laying on your tummy in the tub) or you can use a hot water bottle (hot water always helps my gas)!. Some girls do get diarrhea before their period!. It sounds like you might be having problems with your gallbladder, you might talk to your Mom about making an appointment with the Dr to get an ultrasound done!. Pain under the ribs and behind the shoulder blades is where people gets pains when they are having gallbladder attacks and they also get diarrhea with the pains!. Do certain foods give you pains where you mentioned and maybe make you sick!? My sister and Dad had the symptoms you are describing here and it was their gallbladder!. It had to be removed!. Have your Mom check with your Dr about your symptoms!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

i suffer from constapation often and i have systems like that!.!.what happens is that it builds up and finally does its thing until you are back to normal again!.!.I think you should see a doctor and tell him or her what is going on!.!.!.they can help!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Take pepto it will coat your stomach ,you don`nt just have upset stomach or gas and bloating ,it`s caused by something that you`re eating or you`re very sick!. if the symptoms persist see a Dr!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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