I have a question about a sickness? Please help.?!

Question: I have a question about a sickness!? Please help!.!?
On Saturday my daughter (who is seven) started to run a fever of 103!.8 and could not be broken by tylenol, a cool bath, or motrin!. The doctor told me to take her to the ER!. I did this!. (I took her to two different hospitals)!. Hospital one released her with a fever of 100 and told me she had a virus and that she would be fine!. I went home furious and her fever went up to 104!.5 and I called our doctor and he said to immediately bring her back!. I took her to a different Hospital (#2)!. They immediately put an IV in and ran bloodwork (Having no clue what was wrong of course)!. Bloodwork was fine except her white bloodcell count is high!. four points above normal!. These are her symtpoms:
Headache, fever, stomach ache, sore throat, cough!.
They kept her in the hospital for 2 nights and three days!. Fever went up and down the entire time from 100-104!.6 (no lower)!. They did not give her antibiotics!. Her fever went down to 98!.9!. Then they released her today!. (They still have no clue what was wrong!. They are THINKING it is viral)!. Now she is home alittle warm not enough to be alarmed (but remind you it has been 4 days)!. She has a bad cough, runny nose, and diarreah!. She still has no antiobiotics!. I called the doctor and he said bring her into the office tomarrow!. Im just lost as to why they wouldnt want to give her antibiotics!. I am worried!.!. I have two questions (sorry) :
Is there anything else more I can do!?
Do you think it could be something else because she is still sick!?
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please don't worry!. Things will work out!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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