Most peanut butter sold in jars at supermarkets appeared to be safe, officials s!

Question: Most peanut butter sold in jars at supermarkets appeared to be safe, officials said!.!?
Why the need for the qualifyer "most"


Isn't that like saying "most floatation devices work!?"


You are asking for a blanket guarantee, and nobody can give you that!. The company that has the problem produces their peanut butter and paste for commerical use, in places like restaurants and factories to use as an ingredient!. After it's sold in the bulk pack though, the company has no control over what the purchaser does with it!. A place could buy a large container, and then repackage it into smaller ones- similar to how the local deli doles out things like olives and such!. If they do that, the new package should be labeled- but there are so many places out there that don't, and folks who will pack in recycled containers!. Would you be able to tell that the peanut butter in the jar labeled Jif wasn't actually and originally Jif - if it were already open!? All it would take is one episode, and the Jif folks would be in trouble until they proved all their stuff was clean!. The FDA also can't test every single jar of peanut butter out there on the shelves either!. So yes, it is covering their respective buttocal regions- but it's really the only way they can do it!. The peanut butter you bought at the store, with the factory seal intact is most likely safe!. 100% promise nobody can give you- but at the moment it's a lot safer than the peanut butter filling in the crackers or the peanut butter bought in bulk by your local restaurant!. You can thank our suit happy society for the statements being worded so carefully!. Most people- note the wording here- most, but not all - people are sensible enough to understand it!. But like the flotation devices and peanut butter- some just may be defective!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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