Things to eat/do when quitting smoking?!

Question: Things to eat/do when quitting smoking!?
My friend has decided to quit smoking for good!. To make sure this is the LAST time I really want to be there for him to help him through the next couple of days!.
What can I buy him as a gift!?
Is it helpful to eat a certain food, chew gum, etc!. etc!.!.!.
Or are there any items online (even jokes/t-shirts/etc) that have to do with this situation!?

Best thing for you to do is be there for him!. This process takes a lifetime!. I quit 4 yrs ago and i still crave it!.
Healthy food, like you heard from a million people already, is the best thing for him!.Try to get him involved in a hobby that he enjoys!.Maybe be there with him while he is involved in the act!. cravings only last about 30 sec!.!.
Chewing gum is widely considered to be the norm!. Although it is harmful to the stomach lining!. Hope this helps!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I would suggest sunflower seeds!. it helped my friend quit!.!.!. the dry mouth would make him not want to smoke!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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