Keep getting sick ONLY at school (20 CHACTERS)?!

Question: Keep getting sick ONLY at school (20 CHACTERS)!?
ITS ONLY AT SCHOOL I START TO FEEL REALLY BAD I KEPE HAVING DIRRRAEAH AND friday i had to get out early because i throw up!.!.!.And ive been eating but i havent been able to eat at school
i know im not stressed out!.!.or anything but its something im not akwolodingng at school and i just dont wanna get sick again tommraow at school!.!.!.Help me please !.!.!.And my symptons are:Stomach Hurting,Queezy Stomach
PS:ive tried telling my mom to tkae me to the doctor but she wont take me so please bare with me guys;

Thanks in Advanced!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hi my "poor baby"!.!.!.

I really feel for you and can imagine, how bad you must feel!.!.!.!.Now!.!.!.!.to your symptoms!.!.!.diarrhea could be caused by several reasons, so it's difficult to make a "long-distance" diagnosis, but if you eat bananas, that will stop the diarrhea naturally!.

You know, honey!.!.!.all the above suggestions were fine!.!.but!.!.I also thought about another cause of your discomfort!.!.!.Could it be, that the school-bldg!. (classroom) has been constructed with asbestos -or- some lead containing paint !? Because such materials are health hazardous and could also cause you to feel sick!.!.!.!.!.

I sure hope, you feel better soon and if your condition maintains, please do convince your Mom to go to the doctor with you (or consult the school nurse)!

Sending you all my best wishes from Germany with all my love, care & concern!.!.!.your friend!.!.!.Annette***Www@Answer-Health@Com

It may be just plain coincidence but if that's not the case then there has to be something at school that's making you feel worried about stuff!. Maybe you're always nervous when you're in school!.!.!. Stuff like that!. I used to be like that!. Or maybe I still am!.Www@Answer-Health@Com


Maybe you have anxiety and that is making you sick!. You sure you aren't worried about anything there!? Anything at all!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

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