What's it like to be high off of marijuana?!

Question: What's it like to be high off of marijuana!?
I posted this question in the Society section, but I didn't get much from there!.!.!.I got one answer (a pretty good answer actually) but I'm posting here hoping that I get more input!.

What's it like to be high off of dope!? And how much do you need to smoke to get high/how long do you stay high for!?

And one more thing: does the smoke from marijuana make your clothes smell bad like cigarette smoke does!? Like, after you smoke weed do your clothes smell like weed at all!?

I've been very curious about pot for a while, but I've never done it and don't plan on it because I don't roll that way!. A lot of my friends do weed and are always asking me if I wanna join them, but I constantly refuse them!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

ITs different for everyone, but the general idea is that you get really mellow, hungry, and laugh a lot!. Yes the smoke for weed will make your clothes, hair, and breath smell!.

I havent smoked pot, but i have had alot of friends who did!.
Honestly its not that addictive, initially!. But with any chemical addiction is there!. And it takes a couple times to build up the THC level to really feel the high!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

it's a lot like being drunk, but the differences are that you can't feel a lot when your high!. everything is soft, like it has a cushion over it!. you feel a little bit light-headed, and i personally get a tiny bit drowsy!. also, you tend to crash when your high, while when your drunk, your pretty energetic!.

it's hard to explain totally!.!.!.it doesn't hurt to try once, but you don't have to!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

it feels like your relaxed in your body, but your change your mental perception; i like it it, some people hate it its more about preference!. I don't think anything should be pushed; but I think its worth a try!. If you like it then cool, if not then cool!. its worth trying though!.!.!.!. i know i sound cliche, but weed wont kill ya and it wont hurt ya so, i dunno let curiosity kill the cat!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Just say NO!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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