Weird feeling after quitting weed?!

Question: Weird feeling after quitting weed!?
I quit smoking weed about 4 months ago!. I used to smoke it only on a recreational basis, so like a few times a month, for about half a year!. Me and my buddy both decided to quit because we have seen lots of our friends lives screwed up because of it!. Along with quitting weed, i've also been partying and drinking less

Ever since i quit, i have had this messed up feeling, like im in a dream world or something, or that the passage of time has change, i dont know, its hard to explain!. I have trouble focusing on things, and i have noticed that my memory has has slipped!. My school work is unaffected, my marks are about the same as while i was still smoking, if not better!. Also since i quit, ive seemed to have lost motivation to do things, whereas while i was still smoking i got all my university applications in, and a lot of scholarship entrances as well!.

Are these mental changes somehow due to the marijuana!? or is it some other psychological problem that i need to get checked outWww@Answer-Health@Com

What your describing happened to my husband, he'd been smoking daily for 20 years and when he finally stopped it's like the pot was the glue which was holding his brain together!. It took about 9-11 months for it to completely leave his sytem and while it was leaving he had many of the symptoms you described!. Loss of motivation, his memory completely went (to the point where I was worried about him, one day he forgot his best friend's name) and he also became very grumpy!. Just wait for it to leave your sytem and it should be fine!. I think that pot is actually a lot more dangerous then many make out!. Well done!Www@Answer-Health@Com

When i was on weed all i did was smoke n chill out!. I think back to those days and i can barely remember anything at all! Its a side effect!.

The problems you are experiencing is from marijuana!. It makes you feel happy when your on it, like nothing else matters in the world!. Your prob use to chilling out in a room smoking!. That was your comfort zone!.

Your slowly making your way back into society!. Everything is different while your off it, you have more energy to do things!. And its a good thing you quit!. I quit for 2 years so far and within that time i found it really hard and i didnt feel like doing anything either!. That is depression!

Another one of my friends is off it, he was a long term user (daily basis) and spaces out every now and again!

Keep yourself busy and you will be alright!.

Now your off it, go out there and enjoy what the world has to offer!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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