I saw a doctor today and I am kind of feeling weird and upset?!

Question: I saw a doctor today and I am kind of feeling weird and upset!?
I went to the doctor's today!. A new doctor because mine wasn't there and I had never met this doctor before!. And I went because on the side of my head I have bruises which people have asked me if I have gotten beaten!.!.but he said the blue/green is just my veins which are showing more!. So I said ok!. And than I told him that I have been getting these horrible headached for the past week or two and I am taking extra storng tylenol and it does nothing!. And I never ever get headaches!. And he took my blood pressure and wouldn't even tell me what it was, and than he asked me why I am there to see him!. And I said my headaches, and he asked me if there is history of mental problems in my family, he asked me why my doctor prescribed me something for anxiety!. He asked me if I am a single mom which I am!. He asked me if I work, where I work!.!.everything!. How is that related to my headaches!. And than he made me sit on a stool and felt my shoulders!. almost like giving me a massage and he said something feels twisted and tense so he sent me for x-rays downstairs!. The radiologist must of done like 12 x-rays!.!.!.and in positions that hurt like crazy!. They did cranial x-rays!.!.some of my lying on my back!.!.lying on my stomach!.!.standing!.!.each side !.!.and he did some of my spine or back or shoulders and I am just wondering why he would ask me about my personal life when he said he's just trying to know me!.!.and so yah, he gets the results in 48 hours and he is also sending me for a urine test and blood tests to check for everything!. He won't tell me anything especially about the cranial x-rays!. What can all this be !? I'm just wondering because it's my health and I don't know what he suspects or if he thinks I'm inventing all of it!. My head hurts so badly , it's hurting a lot!. I am not lying I'm just so arrghWww@Answer-Health@Com

The doctor may have been trying to see if you have tension headaches!. The personal questions were about your stress level, The hands on your shoulders could also be to check for tension headaches, which I have found to be at the back of my head and neck!.

If you feel uncomfortable this doctor, see your regular doctor for the results!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

sounds like to things either your not asking questions and he's not going to tell you if you don't ask or he has no bed side manner!. He was probably checking for a pinched nerve in you neck!. If you have a compressed disk that could be causeing headaches!. Blood is for possible thyroid disease which i have!. Causes major headaches!. Urine for a prego test wouldn't be suprised!. Personally i would make sure your regularr doc is there next time!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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