Could this e an ear infection?!

Question: Could this e an ear infection!?
this is really bugging me, I was watching a movie with a buddy last night and halfway through my right year felt like it faded out suddenly and couldn't hear properly!. At the same time back (near the skull) of the right ear started to hurt!. Thought i'd sleep on it and this morning it's still fading in and out!.!.!.

it's really starting to bug me, my buddy said it's probably just a minor ear infection!. Does this sound like the right symptoms for ear infection!? If it is how should i deal with it!? Also any other suggestions on what it is and how to fix would be appretiated!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It could be that you have gotten water in your ear or even wax build up!. Try this first get some ERO (you can get it at any Walmart), or you can put a few drops of baby oil in your ear let it set and clean it out!. If this doesn't' work I'd say go to the doctor!. If is an ear infection he can give you antibiotics, if it is bad wax build up he can wash your ear out safely!. It could also be TMJ (this is where the joint in your jaw gets irritated and swollen) it can effect your hearing due to the swelling!.
Hope you feel better!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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