A few skin questions?!

Question: A few skin questions!?
1!. above both eyes and below an eye i have these white dots!. Only a few and I've have them for a while hoping they would go away but they haven't!. What are they and how do i get rid of them!?
2!. Side of my lips sometimes they get a bit red and irritated!. And gets worse when i eat fruits!. (from the juice i think) And this isn't from kissing someone else!.
3!. Any way to reduce freckles!? Without makeup!.


1!. I use to have these below my eyes, if you wear makeup under your eyes/around them, they are sort of like white heads, but hard to treat because they are on such delicate skin!.

2!. You may have reoccurring cold sores, i have the same thing if i eat acidy fruits, it tingles!. If it worsens, try zovirax cream!.

3!. No, freckles are your skins pigmentation, they are there forever!.

Hope i helped :) xWww@Answer-Health@Com

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