Will someone tell me? (Don't be immature)?!

Question: Will someone tell me!? (Don't be immature)!?
Why do people have sex before they are married and say they are Christian or any other religion that looks down upon premarital sex!? Don't they know it's a sin and most men out there are living by the saying, " Why buy the Cow when the Milk is Free!? " Really now, come on! Being boyfriend and girlfriend and saying, "Forever" really isn't forever!. They can screw you one night, leave you the next!. Then if the guy (or girl) is a cheater, you might get a STD or some kind of gross fungi!.!. But really, is it worth it!? To discriminate yourself and morals!? Why!? Why in the world do adults, even kids!! Have sex when they aren't ready and are not married!?!
Don't go off and tell me, " Cause it's fun!. " **** that ****!!!!
Do you think risking getting someone pregnant, getting an STD,
or AND your moral values as a human being!?!?!?

You're smart!. Stay that way!.

"Cause it's fun" is a crap excuse!. Yep, I was waiting for marriage myself but I lost my virginity when I was seventeen- and I became pregnant!. While on birth control (I was on it for a hormonal disorder!.) Due to alcohol, low self esteem, and being sexual abused by a family member made me think if I didn't have sex, I was going to lose him too!.

But, people make mistakes!. Sex is just like any other sin!. It's all the same, a little more risky at times!. (Obviously, but there are ways to prevent STD's and pregnancy!.)

I ended up getting married a couple years later, and I will admit that my husband and I did have premarital sex- many, many times!. But sometimes when you're attracted to someone you just let go and lose control!.

And you are right- it is temptation, but it's also a matter of psychology!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

well i guess it would be flesh!. and probably most couples believe they are working towards marriage!. it is hard to living in this world we live in and to live completly by the bible!. are you married!? if so did you wait to marriage!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

I have seen that this practice is common in the so called Western World that people do sex here and there any time, more open more naked than street dogs, monkey or any animals!.

Here no value or no minimum respect to society or to religion or to their own future!. And I do think that Parants of these people are more responsible for such wide destruction of Human crisis!. Why I am blaming you must know!.!. or if you want to know more then you will have to mail me separately!. Girls are more responsible , they open their legs any time and ready to their pussy anywhere any time ( even animals do not do such all time )!.

Okay, no more today, bye!.

Take Care!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

well everyone sins but it doesn't mean they're not a Christian!.!.!.being a Christian means being a follower of Christ, and we shouldn't be able to deny someone a christian because of some of the things they do!. It's really not up to you to decide who's a christian and who isn't, or look down on someone or judge them because of their actions!. No one is perfect and everyone has their weaknesses!. I don't think that should exclude them from this religion!.!.!.and if so, then that would involve excluding everyone because we're all human and we all sin!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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